Fees for registry and other services are competitive and simple, and are regularly reviewed to ensure that they reflect  real value for the services offered.  As a  general proposition, the fees for registry are inclusive of  the provision of essential documents, exemptions and certificates.  The intention is an easily understood and predictable scale of fees that is fully inclusive so that owners can be assured that once the annual fees are paid, there will be no more charges for certificates or documents relating to the ship.  Whenever the  fees are ammended any changes will be outlined here.

Currently the fees for inspections carried out by ADOMS IID are:

  • Initial Safety Inspection for vessels about to register which are more than 12 months old;
    1,100 Euros.
  • Annual Safety Inspection;
    1,050 Euros.
  • Special Safety Inspection, (for example – in the event of a detention, or justified Seafarers complaint);
    1,250 Euros.

From the 1st of August 2018 the fees will be as follows:

ASI –      EURO 1,150.00
ISI –       EURO 1,200.00
SSI –      EURO 1,350.00

All inspections assigned prior to August 1st, 2018, will still be subject to the present fees.


For seafarer’s documents the present fees are;

Officer’s endorsements:                         US$75.00

GMDSS endorsement:                           US$60.00

Seafarer’s Book                                        US$80.00

Re-validation                                            US$50.00

Special Qualifications
Tanker endorsement, SSO etc.             US$30.00

Change of personal details:                 US$20.00