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STCW Circ 2012-002 2010 amendments to STCW Basic training

This Circular was previously published as 01-002-2012.  It is re-published without change in this new numbering scheme.  The Circular sets out the scope of the 2010 changes to STCW in so far as they affect the requirements for basic training for seafarers in Antigua and Barbuda ships.

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STCW Circ 2012-001 new personnel grades

This Circular was issued previously as 01-001-2012.  It is issued under this numbering scheme with minor editorial changes only.  It sets out the new grades of certificated seafarer created by the 2010 amendments to STCW and the approach of the administration towards them.

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STCW Circ 2009-001 Recognition of SSO certification

This Circular was issued in 2009 to clarify the requirements for recognition of Ship Security Officer certification following the 2008 STCW changes.

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STCW Circ 2007-004 SSO Recognition

This Circular sets out the policy of the Antigua and Barbuda administration in so far as the recognition of Ship Security Officer certification is concerned following the 2008 STCW changes.  It was originally published as 01-004-04 and is republished unchanged in this new numbering system.