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Circular 2019-001(rev 1) : International Code for ships operating in Polar waters (Polar Code) & the Polar Water Operations Manual (PWOM)

This Circular is to provide all ADOMS Clients and relevant Stakeholders with information and binding direction on the application of procedures relating to polar water operations statutory certification, in particular the approval of the so called “Polar Water Operations Manual” (PWOM).

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Circular 2018-001 Magnetic Compass(es): Guidelines on Installation, Compensation and drawing up of Deviation Tables

The purpose of this Circular is to provide all ADOMS Client and Stakeholders with information on the interpretation, expectations and requirements of the Administration in respect of the installation, Compensation and drawing up of  Deviation Tables for Magnetic Compasses aboard all Antigua and Barbuda registered vessels

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Circular 2012-007 rev.1: Fall protection devices and lifeboat release systems

This Circular was previously published as Circular 02-002-2012 . This revision clarifies applicability to rescue boats and acceptable testing procedures.  The Circular sets out the changes to SOLAS Chapter III affecting lifeboat release systems that took effect from 1st January 2013.  It explains the IMO requirements on assessment of existing release systems and explains the Antigua and Barbuda policy on fitting fall preventer devices.

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Circular 2014-006 : 2015 Amendments to the ISM Code

The purpose of this Circular is to provide information and guidance to the owners,managers, Company Designated Persons Ashore and Masters of Antigua and Barbuda
flagged ships, concerning amendments of the International Safety Management Code (ISM). Which come into force on 1 January 2015. These amendments are essentially
clarifications of what has been best practice for many years. It is important that companies ensure that their vessels operate effective safety management systems as
doing so ultimately benefits both their shareholders and seafarers in many ways.

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The Maritime Administration of Antigua and Barbuda has decided to follow the recommendation of the Maritime Safety Committee of IMO to adopt early implementation of draft amendments to the IMSBC Code related to the carriage and testing of Iron Ore Fines. Full information on this recommendation is contained in DSC.1/Circ.71 which was issued on 15 November 2013 and for easy reference is annexed to this circular.

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Circular 2013-009 SOLAS Amendments Affecting Fireman’s Outfits.

This Circular deals with the amendments to Chapter II-2; regulations 10 and 15 of SOLAS which were adopted by the Maritime Safety Committee in November 2012.  Some of the requirements come into force on 1st July 2014. The changes require two two-way radiotelephone apparatus to be supplied with fireman’s outfits in new ships from 1st July 2014 and in existing ships from 1st July 2018, and for provision to be made for extra breathing apparatus cylinders to be provided for drills or for a re-charging facility to be provided.  This requirement applies from 1st July 2014.

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Circular 2013-008 Plans for the Recovery of Persons from the Water

This Circular deals with the amendments to SOLAS Chapter III made in November 2012 which require the carriage of Plans and Procedures for the Recovery of Persons from the Water. It contains guidance on the development of such plans as published by the IMO.

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Circular 2010-004 Means of Embarkation and Disembarkation

The content of this Circular was originally contained in Information Letter 004-2010.  It remains important in so far as the requirements for inspection and testing of accommodation ladders and gangways is concerned and it is therefore re-published with minor editorial changes to improve clarity as Circular 2010-004.

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Circular 2013-007 Guide to Cold Water Survival

This Circular highlights to latest IMO guidance for seafarers on techniques to survive in cold water and also to best assist survivors rescued from cold water.  The Guidance is valuable for all seafarers and it is recommended that all Antigua and Barbuda  ships include this guidance as part of the on board  SOLAS training manual.

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Circular 2013-006 ISPS Requirements and Guidance.

This Circular replaces three previous Circulars (02-005-03, 02-001-05 and 02-011-05 )  and consolidates the guidance in them into a single updated Circular as well as including the text of the IMO Guidance on providing access to public and other authorities in ISPS ships. (MSC.Circ.1156)