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Circular 2019-002 Recycling of ships

This Circular is to provide all ADOMS clients and relevant stakeholders with information on the application of the requirements under the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, 2009 (Hong Kong Convention) by Antigua and Barbuda

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Circular 2018-005 (rev. 3) : U.S. Coast Guard – Port State Control Regime Pre-Arrival Checklist for Vessels calling to the United States of America

This Circular is to provide all ADOMS clients and relevant stakeholders with information in respect of U.S. Coast Guard Foreign Vessel Inspection and Compliance Policy and to implement relevant procedures and measures in order to be more prepared.

The aim being to increase the performance of all clients, stakeholders, their vessels and this administration, in order to prevent undue delays and detention.

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Circular 2018-004 FAL Convention (1965) [as amended] Electronic Certification

This Circular is to provide all ADOMS Clients and relevant Stakeholders with information on the validity and use of electronic certificates in respect to both statutory- and non-statutory certification, issued by Recognized (Security) Organizations for and on behalf of the Administration.

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Circular 2012-002 (Ver 2) Reporting of Accidents

This Circular was previously published as Circular 02-001-2012. It is republished with minor amendments in this numbering format. It sets out the steps and actions that should be taken in Antigua and Barbuda ships in so far as defining reportable incidents and making reports

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Circular 2015-001 (rev 4) Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks, 2007

This Circular  outlines the position of ADOMS with respect to implementing the Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks, 2007 and has been updated to include an application form that can be used for multiple applications and for all types of civil liability cover requiring Flag Sate certification. It also incorporates a declaration regarding MLC financial liability cover compliance which has been introduced in preparation for upcoming changes in those requirements from 18 January 2017.

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Circular 2014-004: Port State Control Defect Reporting

In order to improve the compliance of our vessels with International safety and environmental regulations it has been decided to bring in measures to try to more effectively utilize valuable information obtained from Port State Control Inspections.Directors Directive 001-2014 Port State Control Reporting Directive 2014 has been issued in order to
encourage better communication between all involved in safe management of our vessels.In the event of a vessel being detained it is often an indication of a breakdown in the Safety Management of the vessel to a greater or lesser extent.

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Circular 2013-004 (rev 2) ADOMS Emergency Contact Arrangements and Out of hours service

This Circular contains the details and numbers for reaching ADOMS outside office hours in cases where it is essential that contact is established with the Administration.