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Circular 2018-003 Maritime Labour Convention (2006) Seafarer’s Employment Agreements (SEA)

This Circular is to provide all ADOMS Clients and relevant Stakeholders with information on the interpretation, expectations and requirements of the Administration in respect of seafarer’s employment agreements, particularly with regard to electronic signatures, entitlement to repatriation, notice of termination and maximum fixed service periods duration applicable to all employment agreements for all seafarers on Antigua and Barbuda flagged vessels

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Circular 2016-002: Maritime Labour Convention (2006) Financial Security Requirements (Rev1)

The 2014 amendments to the Maritime Labour Convention (2006) (MLC) entered into force on 18th January, 2017 with the most significant changes being to Standard A2.5.2 –financial security in the event of abandonment of a seafarer and Standard A4.2 – financial security in case of a contractual claim which relates to death or long-term disability of seafarers due to an occupational injury, illness or hazard.

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Circular 2016-001: Maritime Labour Convention 2006 Guidance

This Circular was previously issued as Circular 2014-003. Since that time a number of issues have been clarified so this circular has been issued to include further advice and information on a number of topics as of December, 2016.