Information Notices

Information Notices are issued to draw attention to relevant information as it is published.

It is not necessary for copies of these notices to be retained on board vessels.

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Information Notice 2017-001: Maritime Security – Piracy

Information on the upsurge of pirate attacks and hijacking in the Gulf of Guinea region

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Information Notice 2016-006: Regulatory Amendments Entering Into Force During January 2017

Information regarding the most significant regulatory amendments which will enter into force during January 2017

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Information Notice 2016-005 : 2014 Amendments to Maritime Labour Convention (2006)

Information regarding the 2014 amendments to MLC (2006) which come into force on 18th January, 2017

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Information Notice 2016-004 Port State Control Concentrated Inspection Campaigns 2016

This Information Notice is to draw attention to all persons involved in operating vessels about the upcoming Port State Control Concentrated Inspection Campaigns in 2016.

Information Notice 2016-002 was published earlier in the year on this subject, however since then more information with respect to the Cargo Securing CIC has been released and also the Riyhdah MOU CIC on Pilot Transfer Arrangements has been announced

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Information Notice 2016-003 : Ballast Water Management

Information with respect to implementing the requirements of the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments (BWM).

This notice outlines Antigua and Barbuda’s position on the issues  and provides a list of relevant guidelines.

This latest revision is following the outcomes of IMO MEPC.73, and will be updated, if required, after MEPC. 74.