Information Notices, Circulars & Guidelines

Information Notices are issued by ADOMS to draw attention to relevant information as it is published.

Circulars are issued to give additional information and specify ADOMS interpretation on regulations and directives.

Guidelines are practical recommendations by ADOMS to assist operators and authorities in their compliance with regulations.

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Local Information Notice 2020-001: Small craft operational restrictions – Covid 19

This information notice provides the policy that applies to domestic small craft due to the Covid 19 pandemic

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Local Information Notice 2019-002: Duty free concessions on small craft safety equipment

This information notice provides information regarding the waiver of Customs Duties, Revenue Recovery Charges and Antigua and Barbuda Sales Tax (ABST), on the purchase of safety equipment for small craft

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Local Information Notice 2019-001: First Doctor appointed in Antigua and Barbuda to conduct the UK ENG 1 Seafarer Medical Exams

This information notice provides information regarding the UK ENG 1 Seafarer medical exams. Antigua and Barbuda now has a doctor certified by MCA to conduct these medial exams

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Local Circ 2018-001(rev 1) Annual Self Certification of Domestic Pleasure Craft

This Circular is intended to set out the operation of the system of annual self-certification,the policy of ADOMS and the process for licensing and certification of pleasure craft and jet skis operating commercially.

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Local Information Notice 2017-001: Marking Instructions and Licence Decal

This notice provides details of the required marking of small craft.

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Local Information Notice 2017-002: First Jet Skis Licensed by ADOMS

This information notice provides information regarding the operation of Jet Skis to include correct marking requirements and safety standards regarding speed and safe distance.

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Local Circ 2014- 001 SCV Code (rev1)

The Small Commercial Vessel Code (SCV Code) which applies to Vessels operating commercially, trading in the Caribbean Trading Area, which are 5 metres or more in length overall and less than 24 metres in length (L) and which, if carrying more than 12 passengers, operate within 20 miles of the nearest harbour or safe refuge, carry not more than 150 passengers and where overnight accommodation is provided, not more than 50 passengers overnight was adopted by the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda in 2008 through the Merchant Shipping (Small Commercial Vessels) Regulations 2008 (SI 2008 No. 31). This Code sets a standard for construction and equipment for the vessels it applies to. As well as construction and equipment the Code specifies qualifications for Masters and Engineers in charge of these vessels.

The latest version of the code is dated July 2017.

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Local Circ 2013 -001 Boatmaster Licenses (Rev 4)

This Circular is intended for operators of small commercial vessels operating in Antigua and Barbuda waters.  It sets out the requirements and processes for obtaining a Boatmaster License and includes the syllabus and other information on courses and training.

It is updated to July 2019 to show the list of approved training providers and highlights new  information on the issuance and renewal of the Boatmaster Licenses and the recognition of Certificates of Competence operating in Antigua and Barbuda waters

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Local Circ 2012- 010 MLC for small local vessels

This Circular sets out the Antigua and Barbuda policy on the application of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 to vessels of under 200 GT operating in domestic waters.  The Convention allows some relaxations for these vessels and the Circular details them.

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Local Information Notice 2017-003 Small Craft Compliance Guide

The compliance guide is used by the Antigua and Barbuda Defense Force Coast Guard (ABDF CG) in carrying out their enforcement duties, and it also serves as a useful reference guide for operators. It provides a general overview on what certification is required based on type and operation of the vessel /craft.