About us



The Department of Marine Services and Merchant Shipping (ADOMS) is the Maritime Administration of Antigua and Barbuda and operates a quality registry for a demanding clientele competing in an internationally competitive and dynamic industry. Coupled with its customer service focus, it applies the most modern standards of safety with competitive fiscal and other incentives to meet the needs of ship and yacht owners seeking an effective registry option.  Antigua and Barbuda has modern national legislation, covering all aspects of safety, security and the requirements for cleaner oceans.

Established in its modern form in 1986, with the designated Port of Registry, St. John’s, ADOMS currently has three offices.

The Headquarters, (St. John’s)

The headquarters is located in St. John’s in Antigua and the ship registry is maintained from this office which also deals with IMO representation, technical policy, overall policy, strategy and the supervision of yachts and Caribbean trading ships and the issue of Convention certificates, STCW documents for seafarers on these vessels and other statutory certificates.

The St. John’s office operates three email addresses for correspondence on any of the areas which it deals with.  They are:

technical@abregistry.ag  for messages dealing with technical and operational matters when the Oldenburg office is closed, for technical policy matters and for communications relating to pleasure yachts, commercial yachts and vessels managed through the St. John’s office.

registry@abregistry.ag  for messages relating to the registry of ships and mortgages that are not being dealt with buy the Oldenburg office.

administration@abregistry.ag  for messages dealing with the overall business of the Antigua and Barbuda ship registry and it’s administrative and business functions.

This office is open from 08:00 to 16:00 (Local Time which is UTC-4 hours) Monday to Friday.   Enquiries outside those hours should be directed to the Oldenburg office.

The office in Oldenburg in Germany.

An office in Oldenburg in Germany provides direct services to customers located in Germany and is able to complete registries, arrange to record mortgages, and provide certificates, exemptions and other critical documents quickly and efficiently.  The Oldenburg office also manages the STCW certification process for Antigua and Barbuda ships and maintains the records of these and issues endorsements and seafarer’s books.

In general the Oldenburg office deals with virtually all the day to day operational issues affecting the Antigua and Barbuda fleet.

This office is open from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00 (Local Time which is UTC +1 in winter and UTC +2 in summer) Monday to Friday.

Emergency contact outside office hours.

ADOMS has a permanently manned emergency contact number which is manned alternately by the Oldenburg and St. John’s offices.  This can be used in cases of emergency when it is essential to arrange for advice or documentation at times outside the normal office hours for the two offices.  Customers are, however, asked to try and contact whichever office is open first before using this service.  The number is:

+1 268 464 7701


ADOMS Inspection and Investigation Division. (Bremerhaven)

A second office located in Bremerhaven in Germany is the headquarters for the ADOMS Inspection and Investigations Division (ADOMS IID) from where planning and arrangements for annual safety inspections and the investigation of casualties are managed.

Working together.

The three offices work closely together and the time difference between Antigua and Germany means that there is an extended period each day when customers can reach an open office.  Additionally there is a 24 hour/day emergency telephone line on which customers can obtain urgent support and documentation if necessary out of hours.

The registry today.

Antigua & Barbuda operates a fully-fledged international registry with nearly 1400 registered ships aggregating to more than 11 million gross tons.  The registry is ranked among the top 20 in the world’s merchant fleet in numerical terms and is internationally well recognised by ship owners, international ship financing banks,  Port States, Flag States and the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

In November 2011 ADOMS launched its Mega Yacht Registry highlighting competitive rates, efficient services and a very experienced team.  Currently there are approximately 240 yachts of varying sizes registered in Antigua & Barbuda.  Ships and yachts registered under the Antigua & Barbuda flag are welcome in all ports around the world.

The Antigua and Barbuda flag is listed on the ’white’ list for the Paris Memorandums on Port State Control which means that the flag is recognised as a quality flag.

Antigua and Barbuda has a worldwide coverage of over 200 inspectors for its commercial ships and has signed agreements with nine Recognised Organisations and Recognised Security Organisations, all of whom are International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) members, who act for and on behalf of the Administration to perform statutory surveys, inspections and issue statutory certificates on its behalf.

Antigua & Barbuda continues to be on the IMO  “white” list of flag States for the STCW Convention  to which it gives full and complete effect.



The Mission

“As the Maritime Administration of Antigua and Barbuda, ADOMS aims to promote an internal culture that consistently targets customer satisfaction through the provision of a quality service that meets their needs; whilst ensuring compliance with international maritime conventions in the areas of maritime safety and security, environmental protection and the welfare of seafarers”.